School Play Details

Casting and Crew Call for Annie Kids!
It’s a hard knock life for the students this year with the construction, but we’ll be on easy street soon enough! Shayla Locklear and Kelly Manion, together with a committed group of parent volunteers, have been hard at work coordinating with our friends at Tosa East to make sure the Lincoln musical tradition carries on. We have some amazing NEW things that we are implementing, which will make the experience a little different this year, but rest assured the sun will come out, because the show must go on! Here’s the skinny…


  • DATE: February 5 OR 6 | 6:30 | Lincoln Library
  • Parents of 3-5 graders, please do your best to attend one of the meetings if your child plans to be part of the
    production in any capacity.
  • Second Grade parents do not need to attend this meeting.
  • During the meeting, parents will hear from volunteers in all areas, and learn more about the different areas for
    student involvement. Because the show is at Tosa East this year, the “behind the scenes” crews will have
    different opportunities.
  • We discuss the schedule and all available volunteer opportunities for parent involvement…we’ll need lots of help
    to make sure the musical is a success!
  • Forms will be available for sign-up in all areas, i.e. kids and parent involvement.


  • DATES: Feb. 19**, 2:30-5:00, Feb. 20 3:30-5:00, Feb. 26, 2:30-5:00 | Tosa East, room TB
  • No-commitment theatre workshops for the kids.
  • Learn what it takes to put on a production and all the ways to help.
  • Practice songs and choreography, run through scenes, develop characters, play (lots!) theater games, and more!
    And, learn what it takes to ace an audition.
  • **Our Feb. 19 Workshop will be for second graders ONLY so we can focus on providing an introductory
    look into the Lincoln Musical.
    o If you’re interested in having your second grader join this one-time workshop, please email Kelly Manion
    at Please note if you are able to attend as a parent volunteer. All are welcome!
  • The Feb. 20 and Feb. 26 workshops are open to all 3-5 graders interested in learning more about the
    musical. Students may attend one or both.

    • Sign-ups will be available at next week’s parent meetings.


  • DATES: Feb 27 and Feb 28 | via sign-up | Location TBD
  • Kids will be asked to sing a song selected from the show and a piece of his/her choice and perform in a brief
    dance routine
  •  Songs and routines will be taught during workshops.


  • DATES: March 4, 11 & 18, 2:30-5:00 | After school on Weds/Thu in April-May
  • As in past years, not all students will be expected at every rehearsal.
  • A more detailed schedule will be shared at the parent meeting, with the understanding that the schedule will be
    adjusted as necessary.


  • DATES: May 29-30, Tosa East Theatre
  • We’ll have an afternoon school performance, a Friday evening performance and Saturday matinee.
  • All the lights, and all the fun of performing in a formal theatre space! It’s a big space, so let’s work together to fill it!


Please join our private Facebook group, Annie Kids 2020-Lincoln Elementary This is where we’ll post
updates on rehearsal schedules, post photos and videos, and keep everyone informed.
We’re looking forward to another great show and hope you can be part of the cast
and crew!