Lightning Bolt Bash – Thank you!

Words can’t describe the thanks we have for all of you at Lincoln.  The Lightning Bolt Bash is just one evening that showcases our special community.  While dancing the night away, our auction also raised approximately $10,000 for Lincoln PTO.  WOW!  We are blown away with your generosity.  Congratulations to all of you for coming together to build community and raise money for our school, our teachers and our kids.

Thank you to all who worked on the auction: Jess Taylor, Matt Stoll, Erin Frederick, Ann Woelfel, Brenda Stapel, Malissa Westcot, Alicia Bartz, Maureen Jens and Angela Desjarleis.

Thank you to our Bash team for making sure all the details were taken care of on the auction website and at the event: Carmela Rios, Alicia Bartz, Mindy Comincioli, Jess Taylor, Malissa Westcot and Maureen Jens.

Thank you to Erika Biemann for stuffing all the Goody Bags.  Thank you to all who helped out in one way or another this past Saturday.  We appreciate your time and willingness!

Thank you to all the Lincoln Staff that came to join us! We loved seeing you there!

Lastly, thank you again to all of our amazing sponsors that make this happen: Suzy’s cheesecakes, MacGillis Wiemer, LLC, Katie Wakefield, Firefly Real Estate, The Dentists, Dr. Tim Tikalsky, Walcheske and Luzi, City Screen Print, and Magellan Promotions.